The production of steel coils with polymer coating RAL is currently suspended.

Coils with polymer covering (RAL)

The company SJ Profil Ukraine offers the steel coils with polymer covering in color and due to the standard RAL. The finished material is protected from environmental effect because the coils with polymer covering are produced in several steps: the metal should be zinked then the prime coating is covered on zinc with use polymer color of high quality. Thanks to such technologies the corrosion and discoloring of products made from coiled steel are excluded.

Steel coils with с polymer covering  RAL has three main types of covering:

  • It is best choice for manufacturing of corrugated board and drip caps. Shines brightly in the sun after the rain.
  • Such surface has a lot of irregularities of small size which refracts light and eliminate a shine making the natural surface.
  • Coils with covering Printech — It is a choice of many producers of paling and coat covering of building. The design of high quality creates any structure of wood, vinyl, roofing etc.)

The steel coil with polymer covering in color and due to standard (RAL) — is versatile material. The thickness of steel is of 0,3 up to 1,0 mm depending on practical use. The width of coils may be different: of 1000 mm up to 1250 mm. The weight of coils is defined by the allotment of materials is 3 – 7 t.

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