Mountings for solar modules

The company SJ Profil Ukraine produces the profiles for mounting of solar panels.

The fastener system to solar cell battery is created to set a panel on roof or ground and to protect it from wind, rain and snow loads. Moreover, the fastener system and constitutive elements form an angle of pane position where the last will be placed in the best way possible to the sun and will provide for high generation all the year.

The structural safety and its functioning depend on quality of mounting. Thus, it is important to buy the assembling fitting elements of high quality that your solar cell battery will be effective. The mountings for solar cell batteries of high quality will provide for high lifecycle and protect from unfavorable weather conditions (wind, glazed rain, snow etc.)

Technical specifications

Steel grade S235JR, S235JR+HDG, S350GD, Z350
Wall thickness 1,4-2,0 mm
Length from от 1 до 12 m
Width 41 mm
Height 21-72 mm

Perforating option


Ability of mounting for all types of pitched roofs

It includes the best coordinated decisions

Practical and safe assembling

Durability and repairability of the construction

Where is it profitable to buy a mounting for solar modules?

Our specialists can help you to choose and buy the best fastener system. We can help to repair it and consult you how to do it yourself.

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