Today the Z-profile is one of most popular types of metal constructions in the sphere of building. Its flanges are located in different directions.  Thanks to this Z — the profile will be best decision for constructions and its elements which are liable to the bend in two surfaces. Moreover, the section of this type is often better than other in case of installation through holes or walls.

Технические характеристики

h, мм b, мм а, мм угол загиба 135° и 90° s, мм L, м
80-300 30-85 12-20 1,2-3,0 до 13




Mounting without welding equipment

Ecological compatibility

Fire safety

Corrosion stability

The possibility to keep a heavy weight

The long-term service

Where it the Z-profile used?

The use of steel profiles is multifunctional and the Z-profile is not exclusion. In comparison with another roll-formed profiles it is optimally suited for the elements, which in equal measure bend in two planes. It is more usable for mounting through wall penetration.

The Z-profile is used in building of the fast-track buildings. In building of the light steel thin-walled structures it is suited for the elements which bend in two planes and it is used for mounting through wall penetration. The Z-profile will be perfect choice for the mounting of constructions of ventilated frontispieces, for walling and roofing bearers, guide beams and other walling mounts.  Despite of unreasonable cost of the section the quality and erection speed of your constructions will increase in the geometric progression.

Where is it profitable to buy the Z-section?

The company SJ Profil Ukraine produces and realizes the Z-sections from different types of steel of high quality. The deliveries of С-sections are performed across the whole Ukraine, near abroad countries and foreign partners.

The products of the company SJ Profil Ukraine are produced in accordance with DSTU 8808:2018 and DSTU 8806:2018.

The company SJ PROFIL is specialized in the production of roll-formed section from different types of steel — cold-rolled, hot-rolled, zinc-coating. You can order the section of other sizes. Also, we can produce the section according to the individual order due to your scheme and project in accordance with all necessary technical characteristics.

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