Profiled metal sheet

Steel profiled sheet

Rack (up to 6 mm) for containers

The production of container-type profiled metal sheet

One of the sections of our company is a production of the profiled metal sheet. We offer a steel, roll-formed and sheet section with trapezoidal goffers that is used for containers made from folded plates in thickness to 3,0 mm for repair works and manufacturing of containers, containers for equipment (generating units, transformer substations, audit departments etc.).


It is possible to produce a profiled metal sheet due to the customer drawing with different height of wave.

Technical characteristics of corrugated sheeting

thickness from 1,5 to 3,0 mm
long from 1,0 to 3,0 m


Возможно изготовление профлиста по чертежам заказчика с разной высотой волны.

The sphere of use is big enough. It is used in production of:

  • shipping containers
  • container cars
  • grain carriers
  • waste trucks
  • all containers

Where is it profitable to buy the profiled metal sheet?

In our company you can buy a product of high quality and at the right price! We have a own manufacturing of profiled rolled steel of required length of the Client thus we control whole process of production at all stages.

The specialists of our company can consult you for any question associated with purchase and use of profiled metal sheet. You can contact us by phone or fill the feedback form.

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