Curved channel

Channel— is one of curved profiles of black rolled metal. It is distinguished externally of similar products due to U-shaped cut-off.  This type of product has two types: hot rolled and folded (cold-rolled), which are distinguished in own mode of production. The first type is most popular is used often in carrying metal constructions but folded channels is less popular due to a wide range of advantages.

A roll-formed channel has a uniform thickness, it is rounded corners and easy to welding and different types of processing.  The equipment in what the channel was produced, the high-technology equipment allow the company SJ-Profil to produce the products of high quality.

The production of channel and its particularitiesм

A roll-formed channels which are produced by our company conform to DSTU 8808:2018 and DSTU 8806:2018 to this type of product, and also have the certificates of quality. During production of the standard roll-formed channels we use roll, hot-rolled carbon steel but due to desire of client our equipment allows to produce roll-formed channels from cold-rolled and low-alloyed steel with thickness to 6 mm.

Technical characteristics

h, мм b, мм s, мм L, м
30-60 20-40 2,0-3,0 up to 9
80 30-80 1,2-5,0 up to 13
100-200 40-100 1,2-5,0 up to 13
200-300 40-100 1,2-3,0 up to 13
It is possible the production of section due to individual sizes of the client




Light weight

Use in metal constructions without welding works

The smooth surface of section provides for minimal expanses of protective covering

Is acceptive to the big axial pressure

Has an easy pressure on bend

Ability to be used in different spheres

The sphere of channel`s use is big enough. Depending on different means it can be used in different metal constructions. Each size of the channel implemented in the production can be used in defined sphere and has a wide application among builders. The steel channel is used for additional toughness and hardiness of the construction. It can be implemented in heavy engineering, automobile production, architectural engineering, car building.

Where is it profitable to buy a curved channel?

The channels of the company SJ Profil Ukraine have a wide choice of typical sizes. On site of our company you can order the channels as in standard parameters and individual sizes. The managers of our company always consult you in respect of all matters. The deliveries of channel are carried out in Ukraine, near-abroad countries and foreign partners.

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