Types of strips:

  • Zinc-plated strip;

  • Hot-rolled steel strip;

  • Cold-rolled steel strip;

  • Non-corrodible stripe;

  • Strip with polymer coating.

The type of profiled rolled steel is strip (the steel is cut up on stripes) – is a popular material for production of all rolled-formed sections, pressing production and cargo packing.

The strip is produced from coiled steel by means of metal cutting on specialized equipment.

It is delivered in the form of steel stripe of specified thickness. For production of the strip we use special machines on which the metal is rolled and rifled into equal sections. Similar to the sheets in coils, the strip is used for different fields of light and heavy industries. The main its advantage for rolled steel is a transportability.

Technical characteristics:

Thickness  from 0,3 to 5.0 mm
Width from 20 to 1250 mm
The type of covering stainless steel, plastisol, polyester, zinc, zinc aluminum, hot-rolled and cold-rolled steel without covering


It is possible the production of Consumer`s material


Good breaking strength, distraction

High flexibility

Decrease of waste side in the production of goods

Easy processing


Significant durability

Resist loads of differing degrees

Low resistance to corrosion and other negative conditions

Ability to use in different fields

The sphere of strip`s use is a big.  It is used in the production of goods referring to the narrow sections: посредством штрипса делают гнутые профили (равнополочные уголки, швеллеры и т.п.);

  • It is used for production of facing panels, siding, assembling sections and;
  • Metal slitting is used for production of the section for gypsum plasterboard, that today is applied by steady demand;
  • The producers of metal-plastic windows use a strip for steel section.

This is not a full list of produced goods which are manufactured thanks to the metal slitting method.  The slitting is popular in the production of wire, seamed tubes and other products. We offer the slitting of a strip according to Client`s parameters that is effective decision for everybody.  All builders think that a slitting of metal is very effective process.

Where is it profitable to buy the strip?

The company SJ Profil Ukraine offers a steel strip in sizes required in the production of  cable product, in metallurgy industry and pressing industry.  Also, you can order the steel band for package of different cargos, constructional materials and other work areas.

The specialists of our company can consult you at any question due to the purchase or use of a strip. You can contact us by phone or fill the feedback form.

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