The production of section for rapidly erected building of light steel thin-walled structures

The company  SJ Profil Ukraine offers the production of section for light steel thin-walled structures. Such constructions have the form of frames made from light gauge steel framing with different height options (of 2 up to 6 m) and spans (of 6 up to 36 m).

The particularities of such constructions are:

*simple installation;

*ability to use almost any territory.

Moreover, the products are treated with special fireproofing agents that protects it from fire. Our company offers the different alternative design according to required height, length of spans and other personal characteristics.

According to the advantages of produced light steel thin-walled structures we can identify the following characteristics:

  • Substantial cost reduction of ground and foundation works;
  • Product of high quality that does not require additional processing;
  • Prefabricated construction of building;
  • Personal approach that allows to prepare and realize a progect in due time

Our company offers the quickly erected building of light steel thim-walled structures  which can be used for building of warehouses, hangars, industrial and office buildings, sheds etc.

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