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The spheres in what the metal rolling products are used, – are very expansive in one form or another. This product there is almost in all fields of production.

  • the engineering is major consumer of world metal.
  • the gas and water – supply on the production platforms in pipes and in special cisterns for warehousing
  • the road works – envelope buildings, railtracks.
  • the building – framings, fasteners, pipes, construction elements.
  • the heating and ventilation systems – metal boxes, tubes, radiators.

In addition to its spheres of application, the black rolled metal is always requested in the chemical industry, household and medicine. So, in the agricultural sector there are instruments for plowmanship and ingathering, big cisterns, storage boxes for food products from the black rolled metal. In medicine the rust-proof metal is indispensable. It is necessary for production of different instruments, cisterns and equipment that is help in diagnosis of diseases and treatment.

Also, the products from black metal are often used for production of big containers, crockery, stairs, sanitaryware, supports for furniture that is one of the important places in the world production.

Products this use of our goods: