Zinc-plated steel coil


  • thanks to a zinc it becomes resistant to a corrosion affect;

  • a zinc makes a metal mechanically strong and increases its strength. Such steel better stand deterioration and loads;

  • ecological compatibility — is an advantage of such rolled metal. The zinc layer is safe compared with another sacrificial coatings.

The company SJ Profil Ukraine offers to buy a zinc-plated steel in coils.  The base for production of zinc-plated rolled steel is a sheet of cold-rolled steel on which a layer of zinc is covered. We use a zinc-plated rolled steel of increased resistance to corrosion, ultraviolet rays and also to aggressive mechanical effects.

Our productive capacities allow to deliver the necessary amount of rolled zinc-plated steel in due time.

Technical characteristics

Thickness from 0,2 mm to 4,0 mm
Roll weight from 3 to 9 т
Steel grade 08пс, DX51D, DX54D, S250GD, S280GD, S320GD, S380GD, S350GD
Production Slovakia, Turkey, Italy, Ukraine
Coating Zn 60-600 g / m²


Good breaking strength, distraction

Simplicity of use

Ability of processing

Ecological compatibility

Significant durability

Reasonable price

Resistance to humidity

Ability to use it in different fields

The zinc-plated steel is used in the production of different types of product:

  • Profiled sheeting. In the capacity of roof steel or barriers for crossover ofdangerous areas during building of production facility.
  • Strip/baling strip.
  • Zinc-plated steel sheets.
  • Gypsum plasterboard sections.
  • Cable trays

The is it profitable to buy the zinc-plated coil?

The company SJ Profil Ukraine produces the steel at favorable native price. Thanks to advanced energies in 2017 we cooperate with large industrial facilities of Ukraine and CIS in regards to deliveries of coil steel. We offer not only best prices but shortest time of delivery. So we offer all types of services due to steel processing:

The specialists of our company can consult you at any question due to purchase or use of zinc-plated steel.


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