Cold-rolled steel in rolls


  • Immunity to thermal effect in the process of sealing;

  • Excellent technical characteristics

  • No need for additional surface treatment before painting

The cold-rolled coil is one of the rolled metal modifications during the production of whish there is a rolling on special machines of hot-rolled coil by the method of cold rolling. Such method of product production provides for excellent characteristics of final product due to further use of cold-rolled coil.  The steel cold-rolled coil is produced with thickness 0,5-3.0 m, standard width — 1000 mm and 1250 mm, standard weigh of roll рулона  5 – 10 t.

The  coil steel is a raw material for production of the metal products by means of longitudinal and across cutting, bending, pressing or sealing.


The main difference of cold-rolled coil  from hot-rolled coil in that it is  thinner and has perfect technical properties. This type of coil is more reliable in operation.

Technical characteristics:

Grade of steel 08КП, 08Ю, 08ПС, DC01
Metal thickness 0,5-3,0 mm
Weight of roll 5-10 т
Internal roll diameter 500-600 mm
Coatings/surfaces etched
Roll width 1000-1250 mm


High cross breaking strength, extending

High flexibility

Heat resistance

High rates of harness index

Aesthetic appearance

Not required a cleaning of calx

Has a smooth surface

Ability to use in different fields

The cold-rolled steel is widely used in different industries:

  • Tool engineering
  • Car engineering
  • Building
  • Tubing
  • Industrial field
  • Production of profiled sheeting, metal tile roofing and other shaped goods.

Where is it profitable to buy the steel in rolls?

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