Cold-rolled steel sheet


  • Resistance to thermal effect in process of welding;

  • Resistance to pressing and bending deformities;

  • It can be covered by zinc and polymeric coating.

The cold-rolled steel sheet is produced by method of cold rolling of hot-rolled coil (work materials). The result is that we have a thin rolling with high quality of surface and high rates of flexibility.

The sheets of cold-rolled steel are used in different industries. Thanks to technological characteristics of this steel it allows to get a rolling of high quality and very thin thickness due to concurrent split-hair accuracy of sizes and homogeneity.

All this makes it ideal material for manufacturing of any product where the high accuracy and increased strength are is necessary: pressed articles  for car engineering and machine building, roofing materials, envelope building,  parts of different purpose (household equipment etc.).

This kind of rolling is issued in sheets with thickness of 0,5 to 3,0 mm

The main difference of cold-rolled sheet and hot-rolled sheet that the cold-rolled sheet is thiner amd it has improved technical properties that is more reliable in operation.

Technical characteristics:

Grade of steel ст3ПС, 08ПС/КП, DC01, 08Ю
The thickness of metal 0,5-3,0 mm
Theoretical weight 17 – 78 kg/piece
Size 1000 – 1250 mm

long by customer’s request


Satisfactory flexing strength and extending

Increased flexibility

Thermal resistance

High rates of hardness index

Aesthetic appearance

Does not require descaling

It has smooth surface

Ability to use in different fields

The cold-rolled steel is used in different industries:

  • Tool engineering
  • Car engineering
  • Building
  • Production of tubes
  • Industrial sector
  • The manufacturing of profiled sheeting, metal tile roofing and other shaped goods..

WHERE to buy cold-rolled steel inexpensively?

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  • cutting of steel coils into strips/tape,
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  • steel coil winding,
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  • cutting of steel sheet on guillotine.