Steel strip

The steel strip is type of bar sections with rectangular section and clearly defined sizes. Our company SJ Profil offers to buy a steel strip in small a big volume. A steel strip is produced according to GOST requirements for this product.

We produce a carving metal strip from hot-rolled steel of different grades and in different sizes.  Thanks to intelligent machines CNC-controlled the steel strip of our manufacturing has at most exact sizes and smooth surface of metal.

Technical characteristics:

Thickness of strip 1,0-6,0 mm
Width of strip 30-200 mm
Length 6 m or due to size`s Client

The main fields of steel strip are:

  • production and assembling of different metal structures;
  • in the capacity of fastening for palings and stairs;
  • In production of other types of rolled metal;
  • In manufacturing of different cutting instruments, metal items and other instruments;
  • In car engineering for production of bow springs and various component parts;
  • In the capacity of material for connection to ground;
  • In different fields of building.

Where is it profitable to buy a steel strip?

You can order a steel strip on our site. It is necessary to complete a form of preliminary calculation of cost of your order.  Also, you can contact our consultants who will reply to your answers and accept an order by phone. You can order «call-back» and we contact your convenience.

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