Zinc-coating steel sheet


  • Thanks to zinc it is resistant to corrosion;

  • Zink makes the metal mechanically strong and it increases its strength.  This steel endures wear and tear;

  • Ecological compatibility— is advantage of such rolled metal this is because the zinc layer is sage compared with other sacrificial coatings.

Galvanizing or zinc-coating sheet – is most popular product in the building and different industries. The material is necessary according to long-term operation, usability and relative processing ease of steel sheets.  The zinc covering guarantees a high protectivness of corrosion and the long-term service.

The company SJ Profil Ukraine offers to buy a zinc-coating steel in sheets. The base of production of zinc-coating steel sheet is a cold-rolled sheet of steel on which a layer of zinc is covered. We use a zinc-coating steel of increased resistance to corrosion, ultraviolet rays and aggressive mechanical stress.

Our production capacity allows to deliver all necessary number of zinc-coating sheet  steel in due time.

Technical specifications:

Марка стали Толщина, мм Содержание цинка, г/м.кв
DX51D 0,33 – 2,0 100; 140; 200; 275
S280GD 1,0-4,0 мм 275
S350GD 1,0-4,0 мм 275; 350; 450; 600


Satisfactory flexing strength and extending

Simplicity of use

Use of processing

Ecological compatibility

Significant life duration

Reasonable price

Immunity to moisture

Ability to use in different fields

The most popular use of zinc-coating sheet:

  • Profiled sheeting. It is material with universal applicable scope. It can be used as a roof steel and also for building of protection enclosure of different purpose. Also, it can be used for closing of different risk points during the building of facilities.
  • Seam roofing. Oftentimes it is used for rolling-off of lock-seam on the facility due to production of goods in required sizes.
  • The production of different goods.
  • In the aircraft engineering it is used for inside-outside facing of vehicle body. It is used for repair of buses and tramways.
  • In the car engineering and tool engineering it is used for manufacturing of bodies of domestic equipments, equipment, packing and other tools. It is applied in the production of mechanical and electrical equipment.
  • Household purpose. The steel is popular in manufacturing of goods of household purpose.

Imported cold rolled sheet at an attractive price can be purchased at SJ Profil. 

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WHERE to BUY galvanized sheet?

SJ Profil Ukraine sells steel at prices from the manufacturer. Due to the expanded production capacity in 2017, we work with large industrial enterprises in Ukraine and CIS for the supply of coiled steel. We offer not only the best prices for products, but also the shortest delivery time. We also provide all kinds of steel processing services:

  • cutting of steel coils into strips/tape,
  • metal laminating,
  • steel coil winding,
  • steel coils slitting,
  • steel sheet guillotine cutting.

Our specialists will consult you on any matter, connected with purchase or usage of galvanized steel. You can contact us by phone numbers or fill in the form.