Packing strap

The metal (steel) strip – is most strong material that is used in warehouses for reliable package of standard size and heavy loads.

The metal strip is used in transportation of construction engineering loads:

  • Concrete blocks
  • Pallets with bricks
  • Different industrial woods
  • Rolled metal (tubes, steel coils of different section etc.)

The metal strap is fastened and secured to the weights with a self-tightening lock with a triangular slit. The standard sizes of strip: a width of strip 19-20 mm, thickness 0,4 and 0,8 mm. We can perform a carving of steel strip from zinc-plated steel and steel with painting in black color.

The company SJ Profil Ukraine offers a steel strip at favourable native prices. Our company has a own production in carving of steel sheet into strips that allows to deliver your order in due time. Also, you can order a steel strip with delivery in any region of Ukraine and neighboring countries.


Good breaking strength, distraction

High flexibility

Decrease of waste side in the production of goods

Easy processing


Significant durability

Resist loads of differing degrees

Low resistance to corrosion and other negative conditions

Ability to use in different fields

Where is it profitable to buy a packing strap?

The company SJ Profil Ukraine offers to order a steel strip for package of different cargos, constructional materials and another work areas.

The specialists of our company can consult you at any question due to purchase or use of hot-rolled steel. You can contact us by phone or fill the feedback form.

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