Cutting of sheets from the roll to the customer's size

SJ Profil Ukraine offers the service of cross cutting steel from a coil. Our own production for cutting steel coils into sheets to the size of the customer gives us the opportunity to fulfill your order of any volume in the shortest possible time.

The advantage of our equipment:

The equipment for steel coil cutting used in our production allows you to use different grades of steel with a wide range of material parameters. Our machines allow the use of steel up to 1350 mm wide and 6 mm thick.
High productivity of the equipment considerably reduces the terms of fulfilling the orders on cutting the sheet from coils to the customer’s dimensions.
Practically complete automation of the process allows us to significantly reduce the cost of steel coils cross-cutting into sheets.

Use of steel coils to the customer’s dimensions

  • In production of assembly profiles for suspended structures of gypsum plasterboard.
  • Manufacture of sandwich panels.
  • Manufacturing of paneling (siding).
  • The manufacture of various racks and storage equipment.
  • Manufacture of reinforcing profiles for PVC systems.
  • In the manufacture of corrugated sheeting.
  • Manufacturing of metal tiles.

To order the service of cutting the steel from a coil to the customer’s size on our website is easy enough – just fill out the form for a preliminary calculation of the cost of your application. You can also contact our consultants who will answer your questions and take the application over the phone. You can also order a “call back” and we will contact you at a convenient time for you.

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