C-profile is an analogue of the rolled channel. It has a rigid, stable cutoff and additional ribs along the flanges. Such a section includes three walls and two inner flanges. Depending on the size of the flanges, the profile can be: equal-flange or multi-flange.

C-profile is one of the most versatile and popular types of rolled profiles. Without this structural element, it is impossible to imagine the construction of high-rise buildings and structures for light steel thin-walled structures, when it is important to minimize the load on the foundation from supporting structures.

C-profile is an excellent solution for massive and heavy flange beams, while only strengthening the structure and ensuring seismic stability.

Technical specifications

а, mm b, mm c, mm thickness, mm long, m
50 48 10-12 1,5-2,0 to 13
80-200 40-80 12-20 1,2-5,0
200-300 1,2-3,0


Lightness   Safety

Setting without welding facilities

Ecological compatibility

Ecological compatibility

Fire safety

Corrosion stability

The possibility to keep a heavy weight

The long-term service

The optimal decisions for use:

  • In installation of ventilation;
  • In installation of electrical cable network;
  • In truss structures;
  • Site renovation;
  • guardrails;
  • frame structures for automobile and car-building field;
  • in collection of consoles, load-carrying constructions and etc.

Thanks to the section can endure high loading it can be used for roofing, wall purlins, stairs, supporting pillars and etc.

Where is it profitable to buy С-profile?

The company SJ Profil Ukraine produces and realize the qualitative С-sections of different types of steel. The deliveries of С-sections are performed across the whole Ukraine, near abroad countries and foreign partners.

The products of the SJ Profil Ukraine are produced in accordance with DSTU 8808:2018 and DSTU 8806:2018.

Also we offer to design and produce the high-quality sections in Ukraine to order and individual sizes.

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