Constructions for solar electric plants

The company SJ Profil Ukraine is specialized in the production of different types of metal constructions for engineering and assembling of solar electric plants. We guarantee an execution of work well and in time. Our main task is a durability and resistibility of your electrical power stations.

The use of solar energy is more and more popular from year to year.  They are noiseless, safe and self-standing. The operating life of modern solar modules is at least 25 years without loss of power efficiency and it allows to reach any total capacity of the station. The photovoltaic power systems produce more energy that exceeds by far the cost of installation.

We offer a cooperation due to:

  • building of electrical systems, solar electric plants;
  • engineering of autonomic lightning of buildings and streets.

Where is it profitable to buy the constructions of solar electric plants?

You can buy the constructions for solar electric plants at favourable price in our company in Ukraine.  You can fill the feedback form and add your design documents for calculation and send us for preliminary evaluation of cost. The specialists of our company can help you to choose a best proposal of finished goods of the company SJ Profil Ukraine.

You can contact us by phone or fill the feedback form: