Road barriers

The road barrier is one of the types of products which are produced on the plants of the company SJ Profil Ukraine.

We offer the sets of metal barriers of barrier type 11RB, 11DD, 11MO, 11MD due to GOST 26804-84 and technical specifications 45.221476215.112-2008. All our barriers are completed by necessary elements of mounting: hard consoles, staples, clusters, drains, light-reflecting elements etc.

These barriers are very popular thanks to its mobility, easy installation and quick disassembling of separate sections and whole construction.

We produce a road barrier of two types: one and two-sided.

A one-sided barriers are used for road obstacles for vehicles and a barrier of the road from different buildings.

The two-sided barriers are established for separating of trass on some traffic paths for the prevention of road traffic accidents and clash of vehicles.

Where is it profitable to buy a road barriers?

You can buy a road barrier at the profitable price in our company in Ukraine. You can fill the feedback form, add your design documents for counting up and sent us it for preliminary estimation of cost. The specialists of our company can help you to choose the necessary variant of finished product of SJ Profil Ukraine.

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